Rising Interest Rates and Stock Prices: What to Expect

In early May, headlines in the US financial media were dominated by the announcement that the US Federal Reserve Bank had raised the target federal funds rate (the interest rate charged by depository institutions to lend balances at the US Federal Reserve to make overnight loans to other depository institutions—often called “the Fed funds rate”) […]

Russia, Ukraine, and Your Investments

The past week proves once again that what happens on the other side of the world can make waves in the financial markets. As Russian tanks, troops, and aircraft continue attacks throughout the nation of Ukraine, we are being treated to daily glimpses of devastation as, for the second time since 2014, Russia is using […]

US Treasury Series I Bonds: Government-Backed with a Built-In Inflation Hedge

Hot air balloon - Series I Bonds Inflation Hedge

With inflation in the news more and more, it’s not surprising that more investors are looking for ways to build enough long-term growth characteristics into their portfolios to make sure their purchasing power stays ahead of the increasing cost of basic goods and services. In fact, in another recent article, we looked at some of […]

A Deeper Look at Inflation

deeper look at inflation

Inflation has been in the headlines quite a bit lately, so today, we’re going to address what all the hoopla is about. We had an extraordinary year in 2020. There were unprecedented spending and policy programs that will be written into history. But with every action, there is a reaction, and so it should come […]