Why is Financial Planning a “Must-Have” for Everyone?

Financial uncertainty has increased in 2023. The question for many is how to face this uncertainty. Although two-thirds of Americans agree that their financial planning could improve, only 37% currently work with a financial advisor. An ongoing financial planning relationship with a trusted financial professional can ensure that needed conversations occur to create a financial […]

6 Estate Planning Tips for Blended Families

Estate planning can be tricky, especially when you’re part of a blended family.Over 50% of U.S. families are estimated to be remarried or re-coupled. Ensuring a smooth wealth transition can be challenging with multiple relationships, children from previous marriages, and differing financial dynamics. You can never guarantee that everyone in the blended family will be […]

Staying Focused As Markets Shift

The second quarter of 2023 gave investors plenty to think about—from mounting interest in AI to shifting inflation rates to the debt ceiling debate. Investors who remained focused on a diversified portfolio of equities and fixed income, benefitted from advances in both asset classes during Q2. Shifting to a Bull Market Stocks rebounded in 2023 […]

Embracing Retirement: Live a Fulfilling Retirement Lifestyle

Ready to craft a fulfilling retirement? Embrace a new chapter of life brimming with opportunities for self-exploration and independence. Our article, “Preparing for Your “Next Act”: It’s More About Money” provides tips to guide your journey. Now, we share ideas for living your best retirement, including how to strike a balance between planning and making […]

Preparing for Your “Next Act”: It’s about More Than Money

Retirement You’ve worked and planned for it for years, and it’s right around the corner: retirement. You’ve budgeted, kept a close eye on your IRA, 401(k), or other retirement accounts, you’ve estimated your income from Social Security and pensions, and you’re ready to ease into a time in life when you can spend more time […]

Listening to Mom: A Financial Primer

Our recent celebration of Mothers Day has gotten me thinking again about the valuable knowledge I gained from my own mom—lessons that are as applicable now as when I learned them. So, I’d like to pay tribute to my mom, who taught my six siblings and me the most enduring financial lessons we’ve ever learned, […]

Debt Debate Redux: Here We Go Again?

In what seems to be turning into a biannual tradition of sorts, headlines out of the nation’s capital are currently dominated by news, speculation, predictions, and other assorted communications about the looming debt ceiling and warnings about the US government potentially defaulting on its obligations. Depending on which side of the aisle you listen to, […]

On the Road Again: Travel Tips for Grandparents

With summer coming, it’s the time when many Americans start thinking about summer travel plans, whether that means beach time, touring a national park, or even traveling across the ocean to experience the culture in a different country. Summer travel season is also the time when many grandparents enjoy excursions with their grandchildren. A fun […]

Disability Insurance and Your Financial Plan

It would be difficult to find a breadwinner in any family who doesn’t understand the importance of life insurance in providing protection for those dependent on their income in the event of their passing. Likewise, most of us wouldn’t even consider buying a home without properly insuring the house against disaster or mishap (and our […]