Guarding against Elder Financial Abuse

According to recent reports, elder financial abuse is on the rise, costing elderly Americans an estimated $36.5 billion in 2020 alone, according to statistics gathered by the National Council on Aging. Some estimates indicate that about one in three older Americans has been cheated in the past five years. An official at the Institute on […]

Your Financial Life Cycle: Tips for Your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s

If you’ve been watching the financial headlines lately, it’s no secret that market watchers, analysts, and others are warning about the possibility of a recession. Opinions vary from “not an absolute certainty, at least within the current year” to “it’s inevitable.” Meanwhile, everyone is watching the Fed to see if the new “tight money” policy […]

Your Grandkids’ Education and Your Retirement: Can You Fund Both?

grandparent with grandkid

Anyone who has ever flown commercially has heard the instruction: “In the event of a sudden fall in cabin pressure, facemasks will drop down… If you’re traveling with a minor, put your own facemask on first, and then assist the minor…” Did you ever wonder why they say that? It’s because the most important thing […]

Preparing for a Spouse’s Death: It’s More than Making a Will

Retired couple who need more than a will.

The prosperous couple—we’ll call them Bill and Mary, though those aren’t their real names—thought they had done everything right. Bill had maximized his Social Security benefit by waiting until age 70 to begin receiving it; Mary was taking her spousal benefit, because it was larger than the benefit she could claim on her own. They […]

Financial Considerations for Horse People—And Those Who Want to Be

Financial considerations for horse people

Horses have fascinated humans for thousands of years. Many of us can recall times in our lives when the dream of riding our own horse was about all we could think about. Maybe you drew pictures of horses in your spare time; maybe you read every horse-related book in your public library. Maybe you still […]